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Supporting Executive Function Skills

In this website you will about executive function skills and how they are important in children's lives. This website also includes helpful resources. 

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Executive Function Skills

Executive Function skills are a set of cognitive processes that are necessary for the cognitive control of behavior. There are eight components to theses skills; Emotional Control, Flexible Thinking, Working Memory, Self - Monitoring, Planning and Prioritizing, Task Initiation, and Organization. Throughout this toolkit, you will encounter countless resources for supporting these skills in and outside the classroom.

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Kelly, Caroline, Jack and Alli

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Dr. Lynn Meltzer

"Executive function strategies help students to go beyond the content that is being taught, so that learning is process-based rather than only outcome-based."

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Developing Executive Function With Priority Lists

What is this video about?

This video is part of Edutopia's How Learning Happens series. This video shows ways that help adolescence grow in their executive function skills. Along with going gin to depth about executive function and the elements that are involved in it. 

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Executive Function Skills

What are executive function skills?

“Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully”

-Harvard University 

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Children's Literature

It Was Just Right There

By: Bryan Smith; Illustrated by Lisa Griffin

This book is all about organization and how to teach kids that it is fun and it's easy to do!

What's The Problem

By: Bryan Smith; Illustrated by: Gina Griffin

This book is all about how to teach kids to become problem solvers and self-managers for themselves!

Fix It WIth Focus

By: Bryan Smith; Illustrated by: Gina Griffin

This book is all about how to learn to focus, but does the kid in the story listen to the directions on how to focus?

What Were You Thinking

By: Bryan Smith; Illustrated by: Gina Griffin

This book is all about how kids do lots of things before thinking about the outcome. They will learn self control and how to reduce those disruptive behaviors!

The Bad Seed

By: Jory John; Illustrated by: Pete Oswald

This book is all about how a “bad seed” can learn how to accept themselves and learn to just be who you are even if you think acting out is the way to go!

Talk and Work It Out

By: Cheri J. Meiners M.ED

This book is about learning to solve problems between peers and friends by talking it out and figuring out a solution!

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Podcasts for Executive Function Skills

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The Executive Function Podcast: Making therapy feel like PLAY! Playapy!

The Executive Function Podcast: The executive Function-Friendly Home! With Seth Perler, our special guest!


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8 Executive Functions

There are 8 executive functions that we look for in students. Self-Control, Self-Monitoring, Emotional Control, Flexibility, Task Initiantion, Organization, Working Memory, and Planning and Time management.

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Executive function: Skills for Life

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Websites to Support Executive Function Skills

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This website gives you an overview as to what Executive Function Skills are, activities to help support these skills, and signs to look for in your child or student

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Using this website, teachers can find activities and lessons that help foster executive function skills in the classroom! It shows that executive function skills can be fun!

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Child Mind Institute

This website tells you what executive function skills are, strategies for kids who struggle with executive function skills, and how parents can help children who are struggling feel motivated.

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