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By: Bella, Kellie, Claire, Alley

"Doing the ‘green’ thing here means being as environmentally friendly as possible, while considering your child’s everyday personal health as well, and taking into account social-justice issues to some degree, because no-one is an island and humans and animals are part of the environment too".

-Zion Lights 

What is Green Parenting?

Green Parenting is all about raising your kids in an eco-friendly way. This involves making the planet a factor in every parenting decision you make. This can include choosing non-toxic products that are safe for the environment and your kids.

Tips for Green Parenting 

For 0-3 
- Use reusable nappie… diapers are going to sit in land fills for years 
- Homemade baby food with less sugar, cheaper and more sutricious 


Years 4-6

  • Teach your children to turn the lights off 

  • Reuse old clothes and toys, hand me-downs

Years 7-12

  • Explore outdoors and start a garden!

  • Minimize food waste and save water


  • Walk or ride a bike instead of driving a car

  • Set an example

A Book For Parents 

Books For Green Parenting

What a Waste 
By: Jess French

The Life of a Little Plastic Bottle 
By: IglooBooks 

This is Our World 
By: Emily Sollinger

How to Implement Green Parenting?

Positive Reinforcements

- Stickers when completing a task( Like recycling)

-Form a check list like take out the trash, make your bed. If they complete the task they will get to do something fun. 


Go Green is a game where you help Grover protect the earth by using trash blasters

Incorporating it in Daily Life 

Make going green a norm for your family. Incorporate in your daily activities so your child will follow. 

Extra Resources (the ultimate guide to green parenting) (reduce reuse and recycle song for children) (PBS: SCIGIRLS going green)

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