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Supporting Families Impacted by Violence

A collection of text, video, and more to help families cope and understand different types of violence that may have impacted them.

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Rachel Bricker, Kate Dye, Lily Pedrotti, Melissa Stroebel

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Cycle of Violence

  • Children exposed to violence may be more likely to resolve their own conflicts using extreme and unnecessary violence

  • Others may be completely desensitized to violence and any distress emotions, making them have inappropriate reactions to sad or upsetting news, avoiding everyone and the world altogether 

    • Behavioral, psychological, and physical problems

    • Academic failure

    • Alcohol and substance use

    • Delinquent acts

    • Adult criminality


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Using Art Therapy to Process

"Concretizing internalized feelings through art production can become a starting point for discussion and provide a visual record for further discussion. It is important for adults to empathetically respond to the child’s anxieties as evident in their narratives and images. Creating a safe and contained space (both visually and dynamically) will usher more authentic expression"

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More Effects of Exposure to Violence on Children

Children in homes where a parent is abused may feel fearful and anxious.

Short term effects:

   - Guilt

   - Behavior regression

   - Separation anxiety

   - Risky behaviors

   - Lowered self esteem

Long term effects:

   - Increased risk of physical health problems

   - Mental health problems

   - Cyclical abuse

Children respond differently to abuse and violence. Potential resilience or recovery depends on: 

   - Good relationships with trusted adults (this can include teachers or other school staff)

   - High self esteem

   - Healthy friendships

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What can you do to help?

The following videos will help you to understand how violence can affect children, and how to help children to cope with those effects:

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