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EDT 344

By: Samantha Stehler, Mia Hamilton, Elodie Joyce, Abbie Austin

Arriving At School
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"A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn."

Quote from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

After School
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"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today".

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Tim Fargo

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"Here, class attendance is expected and students are required to take notes, which they are tested on. What is missing, it seems to me, is the use of knowledge, the practical training".

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Harrison Salisbury

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"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation".

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Charles F. Kettering

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School Bus

"I was trying to be appreciative for the education I had, for the sacrifice my parents made. I was very interested in perfect attendance, OK, and straight A's and, you know, dean's list, because those I think were worthwhile, you know, endeavors. And it was important to spend my time in that way and become well-rounded".

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Kimberly Guilfoyle

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I'm in! Examining the Importance of Attendance in our Schools

Boston Schools

This video interviews many students about attendance and asks them to explain why attendance in school is important to them.  This video is a great source because each of the students comes up with a unique and valid reason for why attendance is important to them.  This proves that the schools that they attend focus on educating the students while ensuring that the wellbeing of the student is a priority.  Many of the students bring up the importance of attendance for the sake of their future but also as a model for those around them.  They emphasize the importance of teamwork in attendance.  The most success that they have found in increasing attendance percentage occurred when school faculty, parents, and students all worked together to ensure that the student is attending school whenever possible.  One counselor in the video noticed that a student missed school a lot for asthma and she reached out to a physician to help the family get treatment so that the student could attend school more.

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School Kids
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Attendance and the Pandemic

These articles discuss what attendance looks like during the pandemic and how the pandemic is impacting the attendance policies, while also underscoring how important it is for students to attend even virtual learning.

To view an article just click on one of the titles and it will take you to that article's website.

What Parents Should Know & Suggestions to Help

These articles give helpful tips and suggestions to help improve your child's attendance, as well as discussing why children struggle with attending school and some of the harms of missing school. In addition, some of these articles discuses why there is so much pressure on attendance for both children and parents.

To view an article just click on one of the titles and it will take you to that article's website.

Helpful Information for Schools & Teachers

These articles give detailed suggestions for teachers and schools on things that they can do to improve student attendance. The suggestions range from what teachers could do in the classroom, to what schools could work on as a whole.

To view an article just click on one of the titles and it will take you to that article's website.

Mental & Physical Health's Impact on Attendance

These articles explain the link between physical or mental health and absenteeism from school. Specifically, these articles touch on chronic absenteeism, the connection between anxiety and absences, how to support children or families facing these challenges, and suggestions for both parents and schools with students who want to promote attendance.

To view an article just click on one of the titles and it will take you to that article's website.

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Children's Literature

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Children's Literature


First Grade Jitters

This book is all about the first day of school. The main character is Aiden, who is very nervous for his first day at school but does not want to admit it. This story shows how sometimes when students come to school they may not want to be there because they are scared. It also shows how students question what will happen at school and are afraid.

The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!

This book is about the character Pigeon, who does not want go to school. Pigeon  questions what if he doesn't like school. He also is afraid of learning new things at school. He is scared of school in general. This story teaches students why they need to come to school. It also helps prove to them that school is better than they think. They should not be afraid.

Managing School Absenteeism at Multiple Tiers: An Evidence-Based and Practical Guide for Professionals

This book is more of an adult book about getting children to go to school. It mention three tiers and the first is strategies to prevent absenteeism. The other two tiers are intervention plans. It also includes assessment procedures. Overall, the books main goal is to help get more students to go to school with step by steps plans.

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Attendance Works
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