“In NWEA’s research, summer learning loss was observed in math and reading across third to eighth grade, with students losing a greater proportion of their school year gains each year as they grow older—anywhere from 20 to 50%.”


This toolkit will allow you to explore what you can do with your child to continue their learning during the summer, what the benefits are to summer learning and some examples of summer learning.


By: Lydia Galloway, Grace Garrison, Reagan O'Gara, Jordan Martinez


"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt


Resources for Parents

Readiness Check: 

  • Select the grade your child has completed and pick between reading or math. The child is asked a series of questions and may help determine if they need more support. After the short assessment, parents are given additional links for support and resources. 

Book resources: 

  • Pick a topic of interest and will provide links to purchase books about that topic at a variety of reading levels. This website will also give a variety of other resources including hands on activities, apps, websites, videos, etc, to explore.

Printable Worksheets: 

  • Search by grade level, subject, or topic for free printable resources! 


At-Home Activities For Summer Learning

Learning can take place home! A few lessons or fun activities a week helps keep student's brains sharp. Explore one of the websites below for at-home activities.

STEM Activities

reading clip art.jpg

Summer Reading Activities

Nature-Focused Activities

kids outside.jpg

Summer Learning Workbooks


Summer Bridge Activities Workbook PreK-Kindergarten

Summer Bridge Activities Bundle
Grades 1-2

Summer Bridge Activities Bundle 
Grades 2-3

Summer Bridge Activities Bundle
Grades 3-4

Summer Bridge Activities Bundle 
Grades 5-6

Summer Learning HeadStart
Grades 7-8


Why Summer Learning Matters

It helps students keep up

  • On average, students lose more than two and half months’ worth of grade equivalency in math skills during summer vacation​

  • Low-income students typically also lose two or more months’ worth of reading performance

  • The achievement gap between upper and lower class students widens every summer 


Benefits of summer school/programs

  • Better interpersonal connections 

  • Promote social development and personal growth 

  • Less distraction and better focus



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