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Supporting Fatherhood

This toolkit offers a variety of resources for father and their children.

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T'Yhani Isaac

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Father Carrying Child Outdoors
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Big Boys Cry

Jonty Howley

This children's book is about Levi heading to his first day of school. Levi is very scared to head to school and his dad tries to comfort him by telling him big boys don't cry. Levi's dad immediately regrets saying this. The story continues by Levi traveling to school and throughout his travels he sees many men expressing their feelings. When Levi gets to school he begins to cry and starts to feel better. When Levi gets home from school his dad is waiting for me and he was also crying. Levis dad was also a little scared for Levi's first day of school.


My Dad Used to be So Cool

Keith Negley

This book is about a day in the life of a father son duo. The son knows his dad used to be cool because he was in a band and rode a motorcycle. Throughout the book he wonders why his dad would give up such a cool life. As the book unfolds it shows to the readers that the dad gave up his life to be there for all his sons special moments.

My Papi has a Motorcycle

Isabel Quintero

This book is set in a vibrant immigrant neighborhood. It tells the story of a father and daughters joyful ride on their motorcycle and their journey through their evolving neighborhood and community.  The girl loves her hardworking father and this book shows the unconditional love between a father and daughter.

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10 Ways To Be a Better Dad

This article lists 10 ways of how to be a better dad. The article suggests tips for fathers that deal with a variety of ways that they can become more active in their child's life. It varies from ways to express your love to children, ways you can teach them life lessons and more. This article also offers extra links you can browse through for activities to do with your children.

Fathers Rights Groups in the U.S.

This website leans more towards fathers that need help being educated about their rights as a father and action plans for shared custody. This article offers a variety of different organizations that a father could be apart of. These organizations work to help have children be loved and cared for from both parents and a way to educate fathers about their rights. Each organization listed offers a short description, a list of states the organization is currently in, and a link to further your education about each individual organization.

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Games and Activities for Dads and Toddlers

This article offers a few activities that dads can do with their toddlers. This website lists off ideas for inside and outside play.

Podcast About Child Support

Helps educate the public about services available from local child support agencies nationwide.

Tips and Activities

Resources and ideas to for different ways to get and stay involved with your children.

Connect With Programs

Serves as a starting point for fathers looking to connect to programs that can help make them responsible and involved in their child's life.

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